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Welcome to My Practice

If you are looking for an in depth personal approach to your health, you have come to the right place.

Our practice is unique in many ways. Gynecology first and only without obstetrics. Gynecology expanded into many related fields including same day ultrasound, in office phlebotomy, and microscopic assessment. Gynecology expanded into internal medicine and integrated holistic medicine. 20 years experience with minimally invasive surgery when this is the RIGHT solution. Herbal medicine, nutritional medicine as well as traditional medicine when it is not. Come on in and experience the difference.

Welcome to the ONLY practice in the South Bay where the physician has both excellent western medicine credentials but also the best integrated medicine credentials.

Please look around. This is NOT just a stock empty shell website.  I created every page with you in mind.  You, and what I can do both for you and with you.




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