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My Path



I am an English teacher's daughter. I love learning. When I was five, my mother got polio and spent a year in an iron lung. The doctors saved her. I love medicine. I was put in charge of my younger sisters. I take care of women.


It took me a while to find my path. My 1st degrees were in Philosophy & Psychology, minor in Comparative Religion. (BA with Honors X 2, UCSC). I studied then practiced Zen Buddhism, was accepted as a novitiate monk in Japan, then taught Zen in Europe.


Back in the States, working with children, I contemplated the inevitable thorny task of making a living. Could I be a doctor? After 2 years of night school prerequisites, I attended Yale University School of Medicine.


My residency was at Cedars Sinai & Harbor UCLA in OBGYN. This is my first boarded specialty. The natural agony, beauty, and joy of childbirth was an unforgettable privilege to share. But my path took me elsewhere. Giving up Obstetrics, I started to delve deeper into women's health. "Imaging" & "fixing" became mainstays in my practice. For years routine pelvic ultrasound has helped me "see" what was wrong.  Hearing from you about the problem, seeing it two minutes later in real time, helps me offer you the range of fixes on the spot.  Then you listen, you learn, and you pick.


Genetics, nutrition, lifestyle and supplements all play major roles here. My second board certification is in Integrative Medicine. Then I became certified in Menopause & Advanced Cholesterol Management. And then, well, this is a work in progress.  It's all exciting and fun for me. This is me and my path. Come with me!

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