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Our Staff

Meet DeDe

She is a treasure.  I’m just telling you, she is one of the nicest people I know.  She’d have to be.  She has put up with me and my perfectionism for 15 years!

You can tell her your secrets, she is no gossip.  She will not make you feel judged or ashamed. She will listen.  Bear in mind that she is NOT a doctor, so although she knows all of my routines, she cannot give you medical advice.  But she can help. That’s her job. If she tells you to come in, believe me you should.

Dede draws blood at least 500 times a year. She’s an expert. And she’s an excellent quick multitasker. She is the main reason why the supplies get ordered, the phones get answered, the plants get watered and thrive, and the myriad of complex different tests that I order almost always come back as ordered and on time.

Never go to a doctor whose plants are dead.  If they can’t care for plants, how do you think they will care for you?  Dede makes sure that plenty of plant derived oxygen is present in my office. Come in and experience the jungle!

Meet Olivia

She came to me much more recently.  Some may think it was pure coincidence that she showed up exactly when needed and even from the start has done such an excellent job. I just believe she was meant to be here.  Olivia is grounded, even tempered, intelligent, and good.  She is the penultimate mother, currently working on number 4.  Olivia will help you out. 

She won’t forget, she won’t get distracted.  Your visit should be about you, and she will keep it that way.  She also multitasks, helps keep me more on time, and is excellent at phlebotomy.  I love how she keeps my office going at an even keel. Then I can focus on you.

Meet Nellie

She is in a separate office and works for a billing company. All billing questions go to Nellie.  Nellie has taken care of my billing problems forever. And every few years, I try to understand billing better but frankly it just isn’t my focus. Some of my colleagues are experts on how to wring the most number of dollars out of every visit.  They’re the ones who are in and out of the room in 3 minutes and collect a lot of money up front. That’s not me. Helping you if my focus.

Health Insurance is a frightful mess right now. There are all these hidden exclusions, software programs, and armies of employees whose sole purpose is to decrease payments to doctors and increase costs to you. I only wish it were more transparent. If you want the bare bones minimum visit, or a guarantee you won’t get a bill, maybe you should go elsewhere. I can’t help but try to help you! And that takes time. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll try hard to cater to your coverage, but it hurts me to deliver inferior care. Please call Nellie with billing questions, she’s the expert here.

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