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If you are not pregnant, going to a “gynecology only” specialist has big hidden advantages for you. The waiting room isn’t crowded with pregnant ladies.  The doctor doesn’t have to rush off and to deliver a baby, leaving you still sitting in her waiting room.  And the doctor isn’t sleep deprived when she sees you or operates on you.  Think about it.

I do gynecology WELL.  When you do gynecology all day long, you see more than in a mixed obgyn practice.  If you are interested, you learn how to do more.  Services others would refer out or relegate to a second visit are often done on the spot. Both pelvic ultrasound and phlebotomy are routinely done in office at the same visit as the pap smear. I also strive to understand more. Yale University training was a good start, but it was only the beginning.  Gynecology is fascinating and deep. It takes dedication, an open mind, and continuous quality updates.  And its sister disciplines  osteoporosis, menopause, preventive medicine and adolescent health are extremely important.  I love them all.

I do gynecology from a Holistic Perspective. My integrative medicine training allows me to push further and find the answer. It’s not only fixing the problem for now, its restoring health, and achieving balance that stops the problem from coming back. This is what I call integrative gynecology. This is my practice.




I practice integrative gynecology.  I no longer deliver babies. Obstetrics was my first love in medicine. But I have moved on. I would love to help you get pregnant, shield your planned pregnancy from harm, and help you along the rocky road of being female. This is a big task.  Frankly, I don’t know how my ob/gyn colleagues manage.  Hat’s off to those who do it well.

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