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Our Path 


Our path is to realize our true potential. Our path needs to find true balance in work, play, and relationships.  This is not what we were taught as little girls. But it is what we should teach our little girls AND boys. 

So, come on.  What can you delegate, give up, or pay someone else to do?  The laundry? Obsessing about a long dead parent? Hiring a babysitter once in a while?

Then what are you going to do for YOURSELF with that time?  Those true friends around you will actually appreciate your changes; your kids may grumble but admire you for it.  Then they may emulate you later.

Walking our path means moving forward.  It means getting unstuck.  It means daring to believe that things really could be better. And you don't need to take it alone.   You can take it with me one step at a time.

Most of my patients are women. Most of them are healthy. And most of them are wasting time worrying about their job, their family or their spouse. Most, especially the mothers, are doing too much for the "others" in their lives and too little for themselves. Often they think their efforts are productive when they are not. Does it really make us a good person if we clean the kitchen but skip the gym? Are we really helping our children by waking up at 3:00 AM and worrying about their grades? Does your husband's drinking problem get better if you binge on carbs in order to be a nicer wife?


Of course not!  It's time to be SELFISH ladies.  Yes selfish.  You come first!  Your health, your joy in living on this beautiful planet, your own creativity, your dreams, and your true path is really why you are here.  You may THINK that others admire you for being an out of shape, sleep deprived sweetheart of a martyr but....  Really, they are tired of hearing about it.  And it is not a good excuse for any self destructive behavior, no matter how poignant your story.

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