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Beautiful Aging

Aging is the way of the universe.  From the moment we are born we age.  Antiaging makes no sense to me.  You might as well try to stop the rain from falling, Or stop summer turning into fall. For the baby will be born and the child will grow up.

Beautiful aging to me is not just getting a face lift or using clever make up.  It is accepting what changes you must, nourishing your body like the temple it is, and sharing the wisdom of experience. As Eleanor Roosevelt puts it:  Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

So how can you become beautiful in old age?  The beauty steals inward, we pass from passion to compassion, and we must never stagnate or stop following our inner dreams.  That’s beautiful aging.  Then with age comes wisdom, and then with age comes respect. And, according to an African tribal proverb, when one of these old people die, a library burns down.



Joan Chittister writes: “Now we are beyond the narcissism of youth, above the survival struggles of young adulthood, beyond the grind of middle-age, and prepared to look beyond ourselves into the very heartbeat of life. Now we can let our spirits fly. We can do what our souls demand that fully human beings do. This is the moment for which we were born.”

So how will YOU age?

May I help you treat your body as a temple and let your spirit fly.  Leave regret behind, embrace your dreams, and come along with me. We have much to learn. This truly is the moment for which we were born.

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