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             My Online Shop


There are several different ways to order or re-order my favorite supplements


#1) Just walk in.  We'd always like to see you! And most of the time we're stocked up. If I'm not busy and         there is something on your mind, come in and ask.


#2) Call the office, give the staff your list. This will insure that everything is in stock and you can pick it up that day. Ordering something for you may take up to 72 hours, but that's not long. We can also ship to you.


#3) Try my online store    I am so excited to set it up! Create an account there and they will track everything for you. You can access my favorites in all categories, simply reorder your basics, or browse over 100,000 quality supplements. Did your chiropractor sell you something you love? It's probably there.  All are available at a discount. And there's free shipping for orders over $50.00. Once again:


Be aware that a few of my favorites  (Synergy MVI, PerscriptAssist Probiotic, Kavinace, and Phenibut) are not available through my online store. I'm working on it. I just can't believe how many individual and group vendors I have.


Here's how I categorize your personal supplement prescription:  


                                                                  Those Core Fundamentals


                                                      An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure 


In my view, we all need these.  Yes, even if you are young and healthy, even if you have an excellent diet and NO complaints.  Why? Because we've depleted and polluted our planet, a dangerous combination for health. Our soil lacks minerals and nutrients so our plants pull up more pollutants thus our foods, even if organic, are less nutritious and bear us their burden of heavy metals and other toxicants. Any nutrient, vitamin or mineral depletion you suffer invites replacement by a toxicant, and fills you with an unspecified hunger you are likely to satisfy the wrong way.

Just what belongs in your core fundamentals box? Come in and ask me.  It will depend on your age, diet, lifestyle and genetics. At minimum, it would start with an ALL INCLUSIVE GOOD multivitamin, an appropriate dose of "sunshine" (Vitamin D).  For every decade of life, I would add one more core fundamental.  Yes, these fundamentals should be personalized.  They may include some of the following:  A broad spectrum probiotic, an omega 3, a good curcumin, a-lipoic acid/ALCAR combination, liposomal glutathione or NAC, coQ10, resveratrol, a broad spectrum adaptogen/anti-inflammatory/antioxidant blend.


My core support supplements are like a safety net.  They are the once of prevention on top of your good diet and healthy lifestyle.


                                                            Condition Specific Supplements


Everyone has a few annoying body quirks which drag them down a bit.

And everyone's problem is a little different.

If I can make your life 5% better I consider myself a success.

And you might get by with a little help from these, my friends.


 Browse my favorite "Conditions" supplements if they apply to you. These may be complaints that you have  (joint pain, sleep problems), or conditions you want to prevent (alzheimer's, heart disease). 


Here's my list of categories: Core Foundation, Sleep, Fatigue, Anxiety, Memory,  Adrenal, Detox, Immune Support, GI Support, Probiotics, Constipation, Prenatal Vitamins, Prenatal Nutritional Support, Vaginal/Urinary Tract Support, Joint Support, Osteoporosis Reversal, Protein Powders. Just go to the website above.


Finally, Please give me feedback! I've spent 8 years now looking at thousands of supplement bottles brought in by you, my patients, my tribe.  I've taught you, learned from you, and hopefully helped you.  I want to know if something works well, a little or not at all.  Please email me at  I'm listening.




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