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The Partnership


I did not go into medicine to do things TO people.  I went into medicine to do things FOR people and WITH people.  It's a partnership, and like most partnerships, it takes commitment from both parties. First, you need to CHOOSE to make your life better, it won't just happen by chance.  Second, you need to take the time to show up prepared.  Bring your former lab work, a summary of your former successes and failures if applicable.  Next, take the time to educate yourself.  It is hard to help someone who doesn't really know what they want. Finally, for all but simple problems, expect to come in for more than one visit.



I really enjoy taking care of you.  But I want to do it well. Think, what is the one area of your life that you would really like to have better -  Sleep?  Heavy periods? Less pain? Would you commit to working on it? If yes, then ask. I will take the time to listen, understand it, and respond.  I will bring my best to our encounter with your help.

It takes the two of us.

Medicine has changed.  Gone is the era of the doctor just telling the patient what to do.  "Here, take this pill and don't ask questions." is out. But so is arriving totally unprepared and expecting miracles.  Do a little research first!  Strive to understand the basics of your problem and more. Be willing to work on it and spend time on it.   Know exactly what has and has not worked in the past.  The more knowledge you bring to your encounter, the clearer the picture you can paint of your health need, the more you will take home.  Your past successes can help me point you further in the right direction.  Your past successes may teach me and help me help others.

Then we can be partners.  Not doctor demi-god and patient.  Not just educator and student.  True partners exploring better health.

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