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This seems to be such a big worry for so many women.  You’re “ready”, but what if it just doesn’t happen? 

What if your timing is off for a few hours or a few days? Maybe you should buy an app for your phone beforehand.  Or use one of those thermometers.

But what if something is wrong inside you which would stop you from getting pregnant, those infections or that D & C. 

Then, what if you are too old?  You didn’t meet your husband until you were 30.

Yes these are burning and often valid questions.  But their focus is often misplaced.  Your body knows how to get pregnant, it was meant to do so, just listen to it.  Very few people are infertile, some may need a little help, and some may take a few months longer than others.


You don’t need to get an A++ in fertility.  Again the focus is wrong.  Even if you get a C- and your husband gets a C- too, you may take longer to conceive, but this “grade” has nothing to do with the health, beauty and happiness of your child.

Worry and stress in and of themselves are counterproductive.  Pregnancy itself is an extra burden on a woman’s body.  If there is too much stress around anyway, your body’s correct response is to naturally become less fertile. So make a pact with yourself and your husband.  It’s OK if you don’t get that raise, or it’s OK if the house isn’t the cleanest. You don’t take that extra volunteer job. You need to properly nourish yourself before you take on nourishing another within you.


Are there things you should do?  Oh yes!  Please read my post Before You Conceive.  Preparing for Pregnancy is more than just taking a prenatal vitamin.  Traditional gynecology also will focus on your weight, smoking and what pills you take but you know all that.  Your risk of Down’s syndrome and Cystic Fibrosis exist, and are valid concerns but I prefer to concentrate on decreasing your body’s toxic burden, delving into your personal genetics and diet in order to naturally decrease your risk of pregnancy complications, and hopefully decrease the way more common problems of autism, ADHD,  and childhood allergies.

There are simple ways to increase your fertility.  Most of them enhance the rhythms that are already there.  Stress reduction, as mentioned above, often is reduced by yoga (there are fertility poses), meditation, mindful breathing and the like.  Toxin avoidance is crucial both for boosting fertility and decreasing miscarriages. Yes, eat organic. But please go further.  The air, the water, your cleaning products, the garden pesticides all deserve scrutiny. For example, let’s detox your purse. That’s right, dump it out! Now, get the parabens out of your lip balm, the phthalates out of your perfume, you don’t need those cash register receipts, they are covered with BPA, and please keep your cell phone out of your lap! OK? An excellent resource here is

I could go on but, just come in.  It’s much simpler than you think.

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