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One big problem here is our inherent genetic variability.  We all process macronutrients differently.  People, of course, passionately endorse what works for them, assuming that we are all alike, which we are not. Intuitively you know that.  Some people eat like a horse and are rail thin.  Others pick at their food and get fat. So, how well do you know your nutritional genetics?  How much do you know about your nutritional needs?  Come in and find out.

Many foods are as addictive as valium.  Often, it is just what you crave the most which is responsible for your ill health.  So, how do you withdraw safely?  For other people food routinely comes in a wrapper through a window or in a package from a store. The words refined carbohydrates have no meaning to them, their drinks come in plastic or aluminum. These people know they could eat better but how? There’s just so little time.

Ultimately it is the QUALITY of the food you eat and not the exact proportion of carbs, fats, and proteins you consume which affects health.   And you must know the basics of selecting quality foods both in the supermarket and the restaurant. These basics should be personalized to your genetic risks, your lifestyle, and your gut.

Your gut? Yes.  We are what we ABSORB from what we eat, not just what we eat. Food cannot be our medicine if it can’t get in.  Thus we need to absorb quality food well, not leak in the bad stuff and leave the good stuff behind.


Come in and explore.  I’ll teach you something new. And you’ll  learn how to nourish yourself better!

What to eat is a hotly debated subject.  Low fat anyone? Certainly saturated fats are bad for you. Or are they? Adkins style low carb?  Paleo, mediterranean or vegan?  And what about those “healthy” whole grains? Yes, you can find studies to support a lot of different positions. And many pundits blogging about it one way or another.

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