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Before the Heart Attacks

Here my interest is personal. This is my genetic heritage!


My father had a minor heart attack at 66. He refused a stent, bored the UCSF cardiologists with his interpretation of the medical literature, and signed out of the hospital AMA. The doctors were sure he would have a repeat heart attack soon but he didn’t.

I must say my father was a really bright man, an engineer by trade who was fascinated by all forms of knowledge.  When I was in Yale Medical School and Residency, he closely followed all my classes and learned along side me.  I had to put up with two sets of lectures, his and the Yale faculty.

After his heart attack, I had to debate preventive cardiology with him for over 20 years.  JACC, Circulation, the National Lipid Association, AND Integrated Cardiology became well known to me. He pointed out all the weaknesses in traditional cardiology. Often he was right!  He took no medications, fashioned his own diet and lived life to the fullest. Occasionally he’d slip and be found at 3:00 AM, spoon in hand, freezer open with a half gallon of ice cream.

My father died at 87 carrying a couch. He slipped on the concrete stairs, fell, and hit his head.   He never had a second heart attack.

Thus I became dedicated to preventive cardiology. It’s different than cardiology, has different tests and serves slightly different populations.  But with cardiovascular disease being the leading cause of death in this country, there’s room for both.  So let’s prevent your first heart attack. OK?

I think of myself as an excellent “smoke detector” while the cardiologists are the true fire fighters. Don’t you use smoke detectors in your house? How much more important is your heart.  Don’t just wait for the sirens. This service could be my gift to you.


I can provide World Class biomarker assessment.  Even better there will be NO BILL from the lab. I can guide you in preventive imaging, diet assessment, supplement selection and more. We can recheck measurable results and document your improvement.  Many changes are so simple, you’ll be amazed. People often save money, take fewer supplements – just those personalized to their genetic needs. Then many people on statins don’t need them; others do and are on the wrong dose. Some really need a baby aspirin, others don’t.

This World Class specialty lab assessment is fascinating. It’s at least 5 pages long. It shows hidden risks. Risks that the usual outdated “cholesterol test” completely misses. It leads to tweaking things here or there, decreasing inflammation, blocking abnormal blood clotting, optimizing vitamin and mineral levels, and strengthening the endothelium.  Copies are provided, and a free health coach session is included. Aren’t you curious?

I dedicate all the help I give you to my father Jack. He gave me the brains, the drive and the inspiration. I wish you could have known him.

                        xxxoooxxxooox                                                                                                     oooxxoooxxooox

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