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Laboratory Testing

Many things are possible here.  It all depends on you.  We do a thousand blood draws a year on site as well as other body fluid testing. There is no need to go to the lab. Yes, you can do a pap smear and maybe the basic blood work that probably has always been normal before.

Or you can get world class assessment of cardiovascular risk from Health Diagnostic Lab. Or you can participate in some “biohacking”, mining your genetic code for hidden needs and weaknesses, thus protecting your future. Perhaps you want a complete nutritional needs assessment, a NutrEval.  This test not only looks at your need for vitamins and minerals, it reports detoxification needs, energy gaps, gut dysbiosis and much more.  Many other tests are available too, just ask.  All of these are available at no or low cost.

You are welcome to explore your potential for better health.

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