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That’s right.  Make yourself at home.  It’s your place too.  Going to doctors often frightens me.  What if they found something terribly wrong?  And those cold sterile rooms with their institutional chairs.  Put me in paper, treat me like a number, then call me noncompliant.


Our place combines comfortable chairs, throws if you are cold, satin pillows for your head, artwork and tiffany lamps for you to enjoy.  Why?  Errr, why not?  Besides we spend so much time there, it better feel comfortable.  People think better if they’re more relaxed. Then they communicate their needs better.  Going to the doctor should NOT be about being judged. It’s not the white coat versus the person in the paper gown. It’s a partnership.  


So please enjoy our place. Feel free to rest your feet for a while and get comfortable.  Then think about how your life might be improved.  Because more things are possible than you think!    



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