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Problem Periods

Too much, too little, too long, too painful. 

This one is second nature to me. 

It’s easy enough with the ultrasound machine at my side, and onsite access to fluid and blood analysis. 

Patients range from the just curious, the once in a while problems, to the women bleeding at 60, the 28 y/o trying to conceive, to the 45 y/o wishing everything would stop.

Solutions range from reassurance, to herbal remedies, from minimally invasive surgeries to birth control pills.  Hormone balancing, heating pads and watchful waiting all have their place.  There is no one solution.  I know a more complete range of solutions than most because of my focus in Integrative Medicine.  The herbalist of course knows more than I do about herbs in general, and even more than I do about herbs for cramps. But I have spent 20 years of my life seeing women with cramps and include herbs in my repertoire. Since I don’t deliver babies, my focus and experience is greater in this area than many of my sleep deprived colleagues.

I’ll even tell you my agenda here. It is to educate you about your body and how to help it function better.

You are the boss; I’m the guide into possible solutions. You’ll pick the path.

I’ll just help you make the decision. 

Many start with the easiest.  This often makes good sense.  We can always choose a different option if it doesn’t work.




Ultimately, all period problems end, so statistically there are a lot of excellent outcomes here.

Come in and let a few simple tools and a lot of experience be your guide.

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