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Before You Conceive

I know this is a big joyous incredible scary undertaking.  Many of you have never done it before. Many of you are secretly wondering if you CAN really get pregnant.  What if it doesn’t happen?  I’m here to tell you that you probably will conceive, but please look further.  You want to make the best, brightest and happiest baby you can.  There are things you can do now to decrease everything from autism to asthma in your infant. I am here to tell you about them.

It’s more than just not smoking and taking a prenatal vitamin. It’s more than just weight loss and exercise. It’s more than just financially planning for it, getting the proper immunizations, and using the proper timing. It’s a miracle about to happen in our toxic polluted busy world. This miracle will happen within your body. And this vulnerable miracle will be exposed to the toxins, stresses and distresses circulating within you.

The average umbilical cord of an unborn baby contains 227 chemical pollutants….

It’s time to learn where they hide, how to avoid them, and which to purge entirely from your personal environment. The time to do it is months before you conceive. You should know what crosses the placenta into your unborn child, which toxins are associated with  diseases like ADHD and childhood obesity, and what is a sensible realistic approach to protect your body and your child to be.

I can teach you what to avoid and how to do it. And then I will tell you what to add back in.

Let’s do some biohacking, checking out parts of your genetic code. Then take a peak at your diet and supplements including that prenatal vitamin. How well can your body metabolize that crucial folate?  And how much folate have you stored away for the big event? It’s very important. What about fish and fish oil? How to you get enough Omega 3’s without the mercury and dioxin? Then there’s your Vitamin D, how much should you take?


Come in and find out. I mean now – BEFORE you drop the birth control. You need to maximize your body’s nutritional stores and get the toxins out before egg meets sperm. Conception will probably happen sooner than you think. Besides once pregnant you get hit with nausea and vomiting and it’s hard to take anything. Think about it. Err, ok don’t think about it.

There’s much more but you’ll just have to come in. An ultrasound can check out your “baby house” (your uterus); let’s make sure it’s in good shape.  Lab tests can assess risks for subfertility, miscarriages and pregnancy complications. Then they can be fixed, often with a probiotic, a cream, an herb or a supplement. That’s because the best complication is the one that never happens. This isn’t hard.  It’s fun!  It’s an incredible adventure.  It’s our future.

And it’s the best preventive medicine possible.

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