“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Charles M. Schultz Aaahhhh Chocolate! Don't you love it? Most of us do. Have a bite and you decrease your stress, lift your spirits, and get a deep sense of satisfaction. And it’s a brain builder to boot. This wonderful bean, this gift from the Mayan culture in Central America, has a lot in common with the other foods we have been talking about in this Brain Health series - polyphenols in grape se


I love coffee. Love it!! And it's not a guilty pleasure. Even four cups of it. I'm here to tell you it's good for you. Ummm, I think. That is. Sometimes it is. For some people anyway. And it's not about the caffeine. It's the coffee itself. Coffee is very good for your brain. Coffee originally come from Ethiopia. That's were mankind originated! Certainly coffee has been consumed by man for many centuries. The earliest evidence of coffee drinking appears in the 15th c

Blueberries Almonds & Red Wine

FOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN Can you believe it? It's too good to be true. Some of your favorite foods can be doubly good for you! Nourish you and provide you with defense against what ails you. It's the phytoalexins in blueberries, almonds and red wine which supply the double benefit. Phytoalexins are part of the plant defense system. Of course plants don't like to be killed and eaten, they are not just sitting there growing for our benefit and living in peace. In fact, plants do