Blueberries Almonds & Red Wine

FOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN Can you believe it? It's too good to be true. Some of your favorite foods can be doubly good for you! Nourish you and provide you with defense against what ails you. It's the phytoalexins in blueberries, almonds and red wine which supply the double benefit. Phytoalexins are part of the plant defense system. Of course plants don't like to be killed and eaten, they are not just sitting there growing for our benefit and living in peace. In fact, plants do

Beyond Toothpaste

Fiji, Westin Price, and Your Mother I recently went Scuba Diving in Fiji. A dental missionary group was staying in our resort, relaxing after cleaning and fixing many poor Fijian's teeth on the outer islands. Fijians have terrible problems with decay, and I found myself wondering why. So I asked dentist after dentist, most of them young brave spirited types, fresh from their charitable endeavors, just why the Fijians had such awful dental problems. The answer was instantane