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Why Chose Me?

There are certainly younger, charismatic, faster practitioners around. So why?


Because I'm worth it.

I'm thorough, I take time, I listen, and I offer a unique set of services. You know that. In addition, since I instituted a $25. penalty for late cancellations, I'm more on time.

Unique set of Services? Yup. I'll list a few.

Pelvic ultrasound on demand: Not by a tech, not during a separate appointment. On the spot. Since my best friend died of ovarian cancer a few years ago, I swore to myself that no one would leave my office with an undiagnosed pelvic cancer if I could help it. So far I've found 3 ovarian cancers early and three other pelvic cancers. All of these women are alive today and off chemo. I also know what to leave alone.

Second opinions on Gyn treatments: Many surgeries really aren't indicated. Many times there is an easier, more natural way. Like I said, I know what to leave alone.

Expertise in Preventive Medicine: I have a large following of men and women who want more than routine cholesterol testing to prevent their first heart attack or stroke. On the other hand, I love to help prevent autism, ADHD, and childhood obesity by offering detailed preconceptual counseling and detox.

I can reverse osteoporosis without drugs: No kidding.

I know more about supplements than almost anyone else: I know who is over paying, over taking, and falling for hype. I know who is ignoring the fact that we've depleted our soil, and thus depleted our plants so that it is almost impossible to get all nutrients from food alone. I am extensively educated and up to date in Integrated Functional Medicine: Just look at My CV attached to this email. My goal is to open the door so that you are better protected from hidden harms and that your quality of life is a little bit better.

I see you as a complete human being: We are all a unique combination of genetic predispositions, social/work/life stresses and joys, accidents, exposures, all influenced by food, exercise, sleep and more. How can one size fit all? Why does your PCP draw the same labs on everybody year after year only to find nothing? I personalize everything right down to the labs I draw on you, tailoring it to your unique situation and needs.

You get your personalized labs drawn, packaged, and processed in my office: This is a bigger deal than you think. Lets start with the obvious. It's a big waste of your time to drive to a draw station, answer more questions, fill out more forms, then wait in line for someone to finally draw your blood. Most of the time you really don't need to fast but you are forced to anyway.

But the picture is much bigger than that. Have you noticed that most doctors these days are employed by one hospital or another? Have you wondered why? One of the main reasons is to capture revenue from any ancillary procedures/tests/hospitalizations the doctor orders. Your blood work is run by the parent hospital, and usually only them. Thus your range of services is limited. I have chosen ten different specialty labs, each with an entire suite of offerings, to provide you with full range personalized services. To be clear, that's 10 different specialty setups you can't get from your run of the mill primary doctor. You can't just get them drawn at LabCorp or Quest. It's 10 different sets of tubes, instructions, processing, shipping, ordering and storing, and interpreting. There's a whole supply chain management involved here. And I personalize everything to meet your unique requirements.

Why do I do that? Because that's what it takes to really do a good job. All with an eye toward optimizing your health, be this simple or complex.

I give you more time and attention. There's no 7 minute visits here bent over and EMR with 2 minutes of eye contact. Actually, that's about what your insurance pays for and expects. Both you and I are the victims here. I can't do it that way.


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