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From the Sea: Omega 3's to Resolvins

RESOLVINS, MARESINS, LIPOXINS, PROTECTINS Help for your Aches and Pains The Ultimate Omega 3’s: EPA & DHA Fish and Fish Oil: What a classic fundamental food and supplement! I consider this one to be most important part of a healthy diet. Eat high quality wild salmon five days a week. Or eat other low mercury oily fish instead. Food always comes first. Other foods you can consider are Omega 3 eggs or adding a high quality fish oil to your salad dressing. And no, it doesn't tas

Dampening Inflammation

Let's move on to dampening inflammation. Enough about stinky elevators and broccoli haters. Collagen and sulfur is like a shot of hyaluronic acid in your joint. That was the last post. This post is like the cortisone shot in your joint that doesn't wear off and doesn't have nasty side effects. This is the NSAID effect without all of its drawbacks. Curcumin: That bright yellow Ayurvedic root, also called turmeric. It has so many uses and so many mechanisms of action that I c

Building it Back: What your Joint Needs

Integrative Medicine for Arthritis First, does your body have enough basic building blocks to repair your joint? Maybe not. I'll go further, probably not! What evidence do I have for that statement? A lot! But let's start with all the positive evidence for the old fashioned replacement standards for arthritis: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM. They're the building blocks. These are sold under a wide variety of names and in different amounts and combinations: OsteoBiflex,

Pain Relief Potpourri

. Quell and other TEMS machines. TEMS machines interrupt the vicious cycle of pain radiating up the nerve from the sore spot, into the spinal cord to the brain. The brain just doesn't get the "make it hurt" message. Effects can last for hours to a few days after use. Electrodes are placed on the skin on the path between the hurting body part and the brain. They are either directly attached to a controlling device by wires or remotely hand operated. The more expensive the d

Pain Relief

SOME LIKE IT HOT No this is not a post about peas porridge. And no, it's not about Marilyn Monroe's wonderful movie. It's about three very basic concepts in pain relief taken from age old and simple to modern and complex. Are you in pain? Then get it hot. Ahh, the heating pad to your sore back. You know it feels good. But you can go a little further. Instead of your mom's old plug in heating pad, you can try a homemade solution (

The State of Your Plate

WHAT TO FEED YOUR BODY TO DECREASE YOUR PAIN NO !!! Would you feed these to your best friend? Your body should be your best friend! Your body will bite you back with more than your share of aches and pains if you indulge in the above. Trick or treat.... 2 soft drinks a day increases your risk of diabetes 30% over a 5 year period. Think about that when you are drinking your coke, diet or not. Krispy Creme Donuts unleash a veritable war of inflammation on your body, it's ten

What's New in Treating Chronic Pain?

DIET AND EXERCISE Not that old hack again you groan, wondering why in the world you even bother to read this post. What do doctors ALWAYS say? "Better diet, more exercise." But then again, diet and chronic pain? Weird. Isn't chronic pain just treated with a pill after the physical therapy or surgery fail? Could there really be a gut/joint axis? So your back is hurting again, you don't feel like moving, so you comfort yourself with pretzels, pizza then ice cream. And then

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