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The State of Your Plate


NO !!!

Would you feed these to your best friend? Your body should be your best friend! Your body will bite you back with more than your share of aches and pains if you indulge in the above.

Trick or treat.... 2 soft drinks a day increases your risk of diabetes 30% over a 5 year period. Think about that when you are drinking your coke, diet or not. Krispy Creme Donuts unleash a veritable war of inflammation on your body, it's tendons, muscles and joints.

Actually if you were to eat broccoli with your Krispy Creme Donut you'd decrease your inflammatory response by 40%. I'd like to give out carrots and apples and broccoli for Halloween but, frankly I don't want my front yard trashed in revenge.

OK, so what CAN you eat to eat to decrease your body's inflammation and ease your aches and pains? Try NOTHING! Does nothing work for you? I mean try eating nothing from 8 pm to 8 am. Try this short term intermittent fasting 3 days a week. You can do it! Move dinner an hour earlier or take a short walk to wake up before breakfast. Believe me, it does a body good. Then try these Top 8 Anti-Inflammatory Foods:

1) Chocolate: Keep it dark ( > 70%), keep it limited (not too much), ditch the dutching, (processes out the good stuff) and go organic. I like my chocolate with coffee, another great anti-inflammatory food. Coffee should be organic and not French pressed.

2) Berries: Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants. All fresh berries fade quickly, so I buy large packages of frozen organic berries, use them to brighten up a meal, add to smoothies or blend with ice, partially refreeze, scoop out and serve with toasted coconut and a little......dark chocolate.

3) Fatty Fish: I like wild king salmon the best. You may eat it for dinner but I have it for breakfast 5 days a week mixed with chopped vegetables and lemon. Stay with the smaller fish to avoid the mercury. Anchovies, sardines and herring are great for you if you like them. For those of you who like white fish, try Sablefish (Butterfish) from Captain Kidd's, Dry Dock, or Vital Choice..

4) Cruciferous Vegetables: What a wonderful family of vegetables! Crucifer means "The Cross" as one set of leaves are at right angles to the next. Broccoli and cauliflower are crucifer "flowers", cabbage and kale are crucifer leaves, and radishes are crucifer roots. Truly versatile in its offerings as a class. And truly good for you. Be adventurous, try a different one. Radicchio is my current favorite., Also daikon.

5) Lilly Vegetables: What? No, I'm not talking about eating an Easter or Canna Lilly. I'm talking about the VEGETABLES in the Lilly family. Onions, garlic, chives, shallots. Garlic an anti-inflammatory? You knew that! Mix and match with your crucifers and some olive oil.

6) Avocadoes: What can I say? You love them and you know it. Full of fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants. The saponins do your joints a world of good. There is even a pricey osteoarthritis supplement based on avocado.

7) Tea: So many wonderful types to chose from! Green Tea is one of the best. If you are in Century City or Pasadena be sure to check out Chado Tea Room and enjoy hundreds of different types of green tea. Or buy Chados tea on line. Prices range from inexpensive to exotic and pricey. I drink Oi Ocha Japanese green iced tea which I buy at Maruki. It's the only iced tea I know with preserved EGCG, l-theanine, and the rest of the catechins. Most other brands are just expensive colored water. There are many other beneficial teas from around the world. Roibus is my favorite. Traditional Medicinals and Yogi Teas are two brands which preserve quality theraputic ingredients. Many other brands just taste good.

8) Spices: Ok. Not really a food but such a lovely anti-inflammatory you can add to any meal! I grow some, beg some, and buy some from the farmers market and Pensey's. Turmeric is, of course, the hands down champ but I have a hard time using it! I often get stuck with yellow hands and a permanent stain on my favorite T shirt .But for all the rest of you, go for it! Helps your arthritis, helps prevent cancer, and keeps your mind sharp. Ginger, pepper, rosemary, thyme, onion and garlic powder, curry. Use daily.


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