Gift of the Magi

The Three Kings and their gift have always fascinated me. In turn, this wonderful story reminds me that Christmas is about the birth of a child, a savior, and a promise of life after death. "And god so loved the world"'s not about giving or receiving the correct Christmas presents. It's about love. But speaking of presents, just what are these "Gifts of the Magi.? I can understand gold, but why frankincense and myrrh? What was so precious about them? Why not just

Dampening Inflammation

Let's move on to dampening inflammation. Enough about stinky elevators and broccoli haters. Collagen and sulfur is like a shot of hyaluronic acid in your joint. That was the last post. This post is like the cortisone shot in your joint that doesn't wear off and doesn't have nasty side effects. This is the NSAID effect without all of its drawbacks. Curcumin: That bright yellow Ayurvedic root, also called turmeric. It has so many uses and so many mechanisms of action that I c

The State of Your Plate

WHAT TO FEED YOUR BODY TO DECREASE YOUR PAIN NO !!! Would you feed these to your best friend? Your body should be your best friend! Your body will bite you back with more than your share of aches and pains if you indulge in the above. Trick or treat.... 2 soft drinks a day increases your risk of diabetes 30% over a 5 year period. Think about that when you are drinking your coke, diet or not. Krispy Creme Donuts unleash a veritable war of inflammation on your body, it's ten