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Farmers Markets Why Go?

To all my dear patients. I hope this adds to your lives. This is the first of a six part series on Farmer's Markets in our area. It was really fun to research!

Why shop a farmers market? It's not cheaper, you can't buy your toilet paper there, and the hours stink. With our stressed out lives, it's hard enough to hit Ralphs instead of Carl's Jr. So why go ?

Well ..... because it de-stresses you! That's a BIG DEAL right there! That's the real reason. And, of course, then there are all the should reasons : the food is better for you, and it's more sustainable (whatever that means), and you don't eat enough vegetables, and it would be nice to support the farmers but. Actually I hate SHOULDS. There are just too many SHOULDS in life. And they remind me of my mother.

You are tired, You need something easy. Your boss, your back, your commute or your relatives - which drove you crazy today? Hmmmm, come to think about it, don't answer that question. But de-stress? That's different. This just might work. And a SHOULD that's FUN? There are just too few of those in the world.

So you're hungry. Where are you gonna stop? Supermarket, florescent lights, musak, checkout lines surrounded by candy, chips and coke tempting you while you wait. Why do you always chose the longest line behind the woman who still can't maneuver her mastercard? Then the bored checkout clerk's "Find everything you wanted?" What a thing to say! Is Happiness and Peace of Mind on Isle 4 or 5? Arrggh. OK, you settle for dark chocolate instead.

Now think your neighborhood farmer's market. Open until 7:00 PM, outside on the beach with the sun going down. People talking to people, people squeezing the fresh picked tomatoes, asking the farmer in front of them about this odd looking purple vegetable. Kids using toothpicks to sample fruit instead of crying for candy, someone playing guitar and singing on the corner often in tune, fresh ethnic mini meals being cooked right there, smell that aroma! So which one, what is it, does it taste as good as it smells? So ask the guy in front of you what he likes. It's permitted!

Ever talk to the guy pushing the shopping cart next to you in Vons? Or the people sitting at the table next to you in the restaurant? Ok, that's not really permitted, is it. Sitting in a restaurant, waiting again, awkward, alone, texting....OR..... standing outside munching a tasty ethnic morsel wrapped in paper, trees rustling in the breeze, watching a young woman pushing a stroller filled with sleeping child, fresh flowers and oranges. Delicious aromas drift by.

Aroma in a supermarket? Aroma in most fast food places? Look behind the fast food counter, is there a kitchen or only heat lamps, simmering serving trays, microwaves, and plastic. Hmmm, think I'll pass. And don't talk to me about pizza, I need real food. Real nourishing food for today and some for tomorrow as well.

OK, you're interested in farmers markets...... maybe. But it better be convenient, fit your schedule, and include easy parking.

So, next up, just where and when are our local farmers markets? And yes, I will include a short description including where to park.


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