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How I Shop a Farmer's Market

Eggs first! They were laid last night. They sell out daily. They sell out early. These hens were free to roam around as they pleased, had access to water, shelter, and good food. The yolks stand up in the pan, are pricey but good. Look at their organic beef and chicken while you are there but leave these purchases on ice until you are finished. Stash the eggs in a cool place and come back for the meat. OK, let's see what you remember about eggs. Which is better, Grade A or

Fish, Fowl, or On the Hoof

Warning, This Post May Be Hazardous to your Pocketbook! OK, ok, all you vegans can skip this post! But for the rest of you, here are some things to consider. A Pescatarian diet is close to my personal preference although my husband has very different ideas and refuses to recognize my superior intellect and authority on these matters. Humph! At any rate, this post is NOT about whether you should eat red meat, white meat, or fish. That's up to you. It's NOT about humane or inh

The Incredible Edible:

YOUR EGG IQ TEST Organic Eggs? They are wonderful! Especially from our farmers markets. And they are such a perfect food! So, just how do you choose? There seem to be so many variables! Cage free, conventional, fertile, free range, omega 3, smaller, bigger, what grade, what's left, or maybe just what's on sale. This post will try to help you out. Our local Farmers Market eggs are organic and truly free range. Caveats? Organic may not be higher in omega 3's and "cage free"

Farmers Markets: The Devilish Details

Details! Definitions! Certifications! Boring, I know, but so vitally important. Don't just guess at what those slogans on the farmer's banner mean, know what they mean. If you don't understand the rules, how do you choose what to buy? The cheapest? The prettiest? The most popular? Know the rules and you'll buy and eat the best. "Certified Farmers Market" means vendors grow their produce in California and "Grow what they Sell". Thus all the farmers in the market are certif

South Bay Farmers Market Schedule

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on Farmers Markets. I've gathered, googled, asked and gone to these various farmers markets. I'm no expert, I just enjoy myself during this process. Health and happiness should go together, don't you think? Here’s the local schedule by day of the week. I've included time of day, characteristics of the market, and where to park. Monday: It must be a rule that there be no farmers’ markets on Monday! Tuesday: Torrance @ Wilson Park 8:00 AM to 1:00

Farmers Markets Why Go?

To all my dear patients. I hope this adds to your lives. This is the first of a six part series on Farmer's Markets in our area. It was really fun to research! Why shop a farmers market? It's not cheaper, you can't buy your toilet paper there, and the hours stink. With our stressed out lives, it's hard enough to hit Ralphs instead of Carl's Jr. So why go ? Well ..... because it de-stresses you! That's a BIG DEAL right there! That's the real reason. And, of course, then

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